Do you have any questions?  We have answers!

What time is check-in? And check-out?

Check-in begins at 3 pm. If you arrive earlier, you can leave your bags in our luggage room for free. Use the common areas and bathrooms while you wait, or go out to discover Madrid and check in when you get back. 

Check-out is at 11 am, but if you don’t leave the city until later, don’t worry. You can leave your bags in our luggage room until 8 pm the day you check out, plus you can continue to use all the common areas and bathrooms.

Is breakfast included in the price?

No, but at Way Hostel Madrid we provide free coffee and churros from 8 am to 11 am so you can start your day off on the right foot.

Should I bring my own sheets?

No, Way Hostel Madrid provides free sheets and a pillowcase. 

How much do I have to pay for internet or Wi-Fi at Way Hostel Madrid?

NOTHING. We offer this service at no extra cost, so you can hop online and tell everyone about your exploits in Madrid. 

How do I make a reservation for 12 or more people?

Please send an email to

Are there laundry machines at the hostel?

Yes, there are self-service washers and dryers you can use. Each load costs €4 to wash and €3 to dry.

What’s the best way to get around Madrid?

Since we’re located in the center of the city, you can walk to most of the main points of interest. If you need to go further, the best way to get around during the day is to use the metro or public buses. At nighttime, it’s best to take a taxi, although the metro is open until 1:30 am and there are night buses that run even later. The good news is that Madrid has some of the cheapest taxi fares in Europe. 

Where can I keep my bags in the shared dorms?

Each bed has a free locker in the room where you can keep your belongings. We recommend that you bring a padlock so you can lock your locker. You can also buy one at the reception. Each locker measures 27 x 46 x 91 cm. 

Can I make a reservation without using a credit card number?

Unfortunately, we cannot accept reservations without a card. 

If I go out at night, is there a certain time I need to be back by?

NO, there is no curfew at Way Hostel Madrid, so feel free to come and go as you please. Our reception is open 24 hours a day. 

Are the rooms mixed-gender?

At Way Hostel Madrid we have mixed-gender rooms and female-only rooms. 

Do I have to call ahead of time to cancel my reservation?

Yes, you must call at least 48 hours in advance to receive a refund. Otherwise, you will be charged for the first night.

Can I use the kitchen at Way Hostel Madrid?

Yes, you can delight your travel companions and other backpackers by cooking some typical meals from your country in our fully equipped kitchen, open from 8 am to midnight. 

If I make a reservation for more than one person, will we all sleep in the same room?

We will do our best to accommodate you and all your friends or family members in the same room. However, to ensure that you will all be sharing the same room, the best option is to book a private room. If you have any questions, please contact us at and we will confirm if everyone in your party can be in the same room.

Do I need to bring a padlock?

Yes, we recommend that you bring a padlock so you can lock your locker. But don’t worry, if you don’t have one, you can buy one at the Hostel reception.