Hostel rules


To check in at the Hostel, you are required to present a valid identification document: either your European ID or your passport. For non-European guests, a valid and current passport is required, no exceptions. In the case that a client fails to present the required identification document, the Hostel reserves the right to refuse entry and accommodation.


People under 18 years of age must be accompanied by an adult in order to stay at the Hostel. They may not stay in shared rooms, and in the event that the accompanying adult is not a parent, a signed parental consent and a copy of the parent’s ID will be required. Otherwise, the reservation will be cancelled without refund.

For groups, minors will be accommodated in rooms reserved exclusively for the group and must always be accompanied by their teachers or group leaders, who must bring signed parental authorizations.

Reservation Payments

Payment for reservations with a non-refundable rate must be made immediately at the time of booking. Payment for refundable rates will be made at the time of check in, on the day of arrival at the Hostel.

Food and Meals

You can eat in the kitchen or lounge. Eating is not permitted in the Hostel rooms.


Smoking is not permitted. Way Hostel Madrid is a smoke-free establishment.

Shared Rooms

Please sleep in the bed marked with the number assigned to you at check-in. Otherwise, you may be charged an additional half night’s rate.  


The use of drugs is prohibited, as is the use of any substance deemed illegal by the laws in force. Failure to comply with this rule will result in the expulsion of the guest from the Hostel.


People under the age of 18 are not permitted to consume alcohol. Adults are permitted to consume alcohol only in the Hostel’s common areas; drinking in the rooms is prohibited.


Guests must behave in a responsible and reasonable manner that is respectful of other guests and staff at all times. Failure to comply with the rules of coexistence stipulated by the establishment may result in the expulsion of the guest without the right to any refund of charges already collected, and with the obligation to pay any outstanding charges, in addition to any damages that may have been caused.

The guest will be responsible for any damage or loss caused to the Hostel or its staff.

The Hostel may hold the guest responsible for the costs of any repair, cleaning, or replacement of goods that have been damaged, soiled, or lost.

The hostel reserves the right of admission and does not tolerate any kind of discriminatory and/or aggressive attitude towards the staff or other guests. Any person or people with aggressive, discriminatory, and/or violent attitudes may be expelled immediately, without the right to reimbursement.


No animals of any kind are allowed, except for guide animals.

Personal Belongings

At Way Hostel Madrid we care about keeping your belongings safe. That’s why we provide you with FREE lockers in the rooms, a luggage storage service, and safety boxes for €1 so you can store all your belongings. Please use them. The Hostel will not be responsible for any theft, robbery, and/or loss.